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    Fans Heading to Pasadena for BCS Championship

    Updated: Monday, December 9 2013, 07:02 PM EST
    Fans Heading to Pasadena for BCS Championship story image
    MOBILE, Ala. (WPMI) Many fans are looking for cheaper ways to cheer on the Auburn Tigers in Pasadena next year.   

    The Auburn Tigers are headed to Pasadena for a shot at the national championship. Auburn will take on the Florida State Seminoles after defeating the Missouri Tigers to win the SEC Title.

    "Just another outstanding game down to the wire again, just unbelievable," said Auburn fan Joanne Anderson. "I just want to be there. I want to be a part of it. It's not every year that we get to go."

    To see the Tigers battle the Seminoles, it will cost a pretty penny. Some fans plan to fly to Las Vegas and take a bus to Pasadena to save money. Others said they will wait sometime before buying tickets in hopes of lower prices.

    Packages for a two night hotel room and ticket are up for $3, 375 on On Stub Hub, tickets for the BCS Championship was as low as $899. One suite was listed on the site for more than $129,000.

    "I think $1,000 is my limit. I would like to get it closer to $750 like to get it at $500," said Anderson.

    Auburn fan Joanne Anderson will head to Pasadena in January, but she is trying to find ways to make the trip as frugal as possible.  

    "We're going to get a time share somewhere out in California mostly close to Pasadena as we're going to get. We're going to split a rental car. We're going to fly out of New Orleans most likely to make it a little bit cheaper," said Anderson.

    Auburn fan Terry Lathan will do the same.

    "My family is scholarship holders, and so they give scholarship holders the chance to have two [tickets]," said Lathan.

    Lathan just returned from this weekends championship game.

    Lathan said, "It's electric. I just don't know another word. It's absolutely electric for our fans and our team."

    Like thousands of Auburn fans, Lathan has traveled from Mobile to Auburn, Atlanta, and now Pasadena.

    "It's difficult to run from Alabama all the way to Los Angeles," said Lathan. "But we're willing to go and support them."Fans Heading to Pasadena for BCS Championship
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